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Date, Platform, SEC Form, Capital Type, Security, Details. Sep 21, · WeFunder Logo Equity CrowdFunding Platform, C. Other. Simple Agreement for. Crowdfunding Makes Investing More Accessible. They also started a Wefunder crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding allowed them to connect with their community. Aptera Exceeds First Equity Crowdfunding Round. Via Wefunder's platform, we well exceeded the SEC mandated $k cap on our first public equity crowdfunding. part of our Aptera family. With a $1, investment on, you'll snag a pre-order coupon for one of. Aptera's first two limited. We worked with @hyperstarter on our Wefunder campaign and they helped us gain more press coverage on Uncrate & other big sites. Thanks guys!

Aptera Motors Corp is an American crowd funded, pre-production startup company based in Carlsbad, California. It was originally founded in before. There are so many equity crowdfunding campaigns being launched on platforms like Patreon, Republic, and WeFunder every single week. We're not gonna lie. With a $1, investment on, you'll snag a pre-order coupon for Sign up on if you haven't already. We will e-mail you a coupon. Phase I is complete for those who invested through our website, and our Wefunder investors will be next. The [email protected] email is active, and your. Our first look at the upcoming Aptera App / Source: Aptera Investors of Aptera include The California Energy Commission, Impala Ventures, WeFunder, Idealab. Aptera Motors, an automobile manufacturing Wefunder - Mar Dalmore Group - Aug KingsCrowd Startup Rating Methodology Article. Blurred Ratings Bars. Gas cars are inefficient and EVs today aren't efficient enough. The Aptera is aerodynamic, lightweight, strong, and fun to drive! By , we expect to realize. This data is not an official statement and does not replace the information you should receive directly from Issuance, Wefunder, Republic, or any of our. 2 Followers. Portfolio. Aptera Motors. Invested February Welcome to. Wefunder. Get notified when a new YC company launches on Wefunder. Quick question: Why am I being asked to provide my entire Social Security Number to WeFunder rather than just the last four digits. Rank is based on Total Investments received (Aptera Invest, Republic & We Funder). If Investment is shown as not finalized, review for any pending actions.

Aptera co-founder Michael Johnson is working Aptera Motors' Post. View organization page You can learn more on his WeFunder campaign here. This round supplements Aptera's current crowdfunding efforts at, where the company has already raised over % of their goal. Dear Aptera Investor,. We are excited to announce that on August 25, , all of our Wefunder SAFE investments automatically converted into. WeFunder raise. PS: Mad kudos to anyone who took part in their WeFunder campaign when they were only valued at $25m! paul-kirchner. Member. November Aptera's NeverCharge vehicle is a revolutionary The Aptera is an awesome three-wheeler that can travel more Invest in Aptera Motors: The. Aptera Motors. Chris Anthony. CEO. Founded Flux Power, IPO A Lithium-ion CFD based boat designs built with environmentally friendly technologies. Chris. The Wefunder contract is with "Aptera Motors Corp". It says "If there is an Equity Financing before the termination of this Safe, on the. Aptera Motors, with a valuation cap of $20 million, is raising crowdfunding on WeFunder. The company plans to create a low-drag aerodynamic vehicle for. During this phase of the implementation we did not upload the individual Wefunder For now you can continue to access that information through Wefunder. paul.

Mar 19, - Invest as little as $ in startups and small businesses. Wefunder is the largest Regulation Crowdfunding portal. Aptera Motors. Chris Anthony. CEO. Founded Flux Power, IPO A Lithium-ion CFD based boat designs built with environmentally friendly technologies. Chris. A great bit of Aptera coverage on CNBC:) | 10 comments on LinkedIn. See Aptera funding rounds, investors, investments, exits and more Aptera. Analyst Briefing Submitted. WeFunder. Idealab. Rounds. 1. About Wefunder, Inc. Information written by the company. Wefunder is the largest stock market for retail investors to invest in 'private' startups. We.

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